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The Fifth RICTAT International Conference will take place on Monday October 6th 2014 at Sketchley Grange Hotel & Spa in Leicestershire

See the preliminary line-up of speakers here

Thank you to all the RICTAT exhibitors, speakers & delegates for making our RICTAT 2013 conference a huge success. We hope you enjoyed the event as well as the beautiful surroundings & spa of Champneys, Tring!


Copies of the RICTAT 2013 Conference Presentations are available to delegates who attended the event only. Presentations and materials from previous RICTAT Conferences are available from the "Conference Materials" page.


A note from Ian McDougall, RICTAT Chairman.

I would like to say thank you to all RICTAT members for your support in making our Third Conference such a huge success. My thanks must also go to all our guest speakers.

We now look forward to next year, when we will have a conference with a difference! We are hoping to organize a RICTAT Retreat at Champneys Spa in Tring for 2013. Details can be downloaded here.

Last but not least a very special thank you to Galina and Steve, as they now peruse a different direction. Steve will continue to provide us all with our essential disposables from Aqua-Clinic, whilst Galina will retire from treating clients at Wellbeing Now to become a full time writer. The colonic industry owes them a large debt of gratitude & we wish them all the best for the future

For any details about RICTAT, conferences or other general enquries, please feel free to contact me directly at ianmac@rictat.org


Dear Guest,

Welcome to the website of RICTAT International Conferences "Colon Hydrotherapy for the Modern World".

At the end of our Third International Conference, we gathered feedback from our several social media connections and it seems that everyone agreed, this was the best conference to date.

For our next conference, we have decided to focus on you, the therapist. We've organised a RICTAT Educational Spa Break at Champneys in Tring, Hertfordshire. The aim is to increase the amount of learing while giving our deleates the time to rest, recuperate and process all the new information.

Our 3rd International Conference took place on 29-30th October 2012, in Maidenhead, Berkshire, UK, with around 100 colon therapists, exhibitors, journalists, writers, manufacturers and trainers attending the Conference.

The programme for our Third RICTAT Conference focused on colonics in a wider context and protecting the therapist.

We had the wonderful Alison Livings from Holistic Insurance Services telling us about way your insurance can aid you. Insurers can give you advice on communication with clients when a complaint and claim seems imminent, and they can also pay out for any claims made against you, giving you both emotional and financial support. 

The Knowledge Base section of the Conference will focus on therapist and client emotional support. A talk on adrenal fatigue, and was presented by Shoela Detsios whose presentation you have all rated exceptionally highly.

We were also delighted to have one of our sister organisations I-ACT present. Richard Armstrong gave an informative talk on the importance of reading your client's body language and how much that can help you build your business and determine customer satisfaction.

For thousands of years, rectal rehydration, nutrition and application of medicinal substances have been a recognised form of mainstream medicine. This is also an easy and effective way of delivery of required nutrients or medications directly into the blood through the hepatic portal route. It allows to avoid the perils of the acidic stomach while not influencing absorption in  the small intestine.

Many in the medical community have made use of different forms of colon therapy for centuries - from the Egyptian pharaohs who employed "enema doctors", considered to be at the top of the medical profession and described as "guardians of the anal orifice", to family doctors in Europe who routinely administered enemas.

The average length of life in the developed world is now over 30 years longer than only 150 years ago, but life extension has come at a price. Deterioration of the digestive system in the middle and old  age is the bane of many otherwise healthy people and a drain on medical resources. As a profession, we must now recognise the role of preventative medicine and patient education.

As integrative colon hydrotherapy practitioners, we believe that colon hydrotherapy does have and should have an important role in this. We have the combined experience of seeing thousands of patients a month, who, as a result, are not only more regular and a lot happier, but who now realise the connection between what they eat, think, do and feel, and their digestive and general health.

Some of our members are already successfully working in conjunction with specialists in the medical field, and now is the right time to expand and broaden this experience.

Naturopathic colon therapy helps avoid exploratory surgery

Routine colon therapy helps detect early cancer

Brief Case Studies-Colon Hydrotherapy and Osteopathy

Colon hydrotherapists, RICTAT members, believe that the time has come to rebuild the bridges with the mainstream medical professionals. Please be sure to visit our page again for more information on our upcoming conferences.

With best wishes,

Galina Imrie, MA ED, RICTAT founder  www.galinaimrie.com