2010 First RICTAT International Conference Feedback (Archive)

November, 2010


Hi Galina,

Sorry it has taken me so long to send you a quick email .... but life has been hectic since the conference!

I just wanted to say what an amazing day! I feel that it has been a long time coming. The day for me offered reassurance that we are all looking to move the Colonic Hygrotherapy world in the same direction. It offered vision, ideas and focus to run with on taking my business forward and new friends to share ideas and case studies with...

Thank you for and inspirational day and I look forward to 2011

Kind Regards

Karen (colon therapist)

The conference gave us the facts and figures of the business potential associated with mobile colonic hydrotherapy. The information demonstrated the convenience of the mobile concept and the ability to offer a unique no hassle option to spas and health centres as part of our business development. Teresa (new graduate)

Dear Galina,


Yes, I agree, ‘an amazing day’ , and a real credit to all your hard work and commitment, and also that of  your support team....very very well done.  I truly enjoyed the day and look forward to seeing you in November 2011......if not before.  It was also good timing that the book and conference coincided ....I also received extremely positive feedback, and sold 27 books.  I humbly believe all our work will/is improving services/treatment for the patient, and hence contributing to the development of best practice, as well as feeding into other training courses across the country. You are helping to set the Standard!!!


I now plan to read and digest the conference feedback......


Will write again soon,


Sending you my very best wishes,


Yours sincerely,


Richard (psychologist, naturopath, author, lecturer)


Hello Galina

It was a really good event, well organised, attentive audience, good speakers for your industry, sensible lunch which was enjoyed by all, and a feisty last morning session, always good to get the juices flowing!

Thank you so much for inviting me and I hope I did you justice. Les (Aqua-Clinic UKTI Mentor)


Dear Galina,

I did hand in my feed back form, but would like to send you this email to expand on my thoughts and opinions.  I am SO GLAD that you invited me to this event, even though I was not trained by you. ....  I thought this conference was brilliant and just what our industry needs.

I came away energised and empowered.  The content of the conference was truly inspirational and gave me much food for thought.  I have devised a 15 point action plan which I shall take my time to work through and make sure that I get each point right and not rush into things, like I might have in the past.  I am even more excited about next year after reading your email!  And yes, I most
definitely will be booking.

Jan (colon therapist and herbalist)

Dear Galina and Steve, Thank you for such a wonderful day. So well organised . Also thank you to your team of helpers  !! Apologies for not thanking you sooner, but it has been busy !
It seems so many people are interested , so we are all looking forward to the next event !! Jill (Hippocrates Health Educator)

What a great conference.  I was engrossed all day and my mind did not wander at any point. Thank you so much for inviting me even though i am at such an early stage as it was so inspirational and just confirmed to me that i am on the right path. Carmel (colon therapy student)

Hi Galina,

thanks for an informative event. We thoroughly enjoyed it. Will you please let us know the link for the slides of the conference?



Hi Galina
We would like to say thank you for such a fab day on wed- we are both so inspired and motivated! Teresa (nutritionist and colon therapist)

Dear Galina,

It was great to finally meet you at the conference and I want to thank you again for organising it.  I thought it was exceptionally run, beautifully organised and extremely valuable to my practice development.  I really appreciated the care that went into the information for people traveling, car parking and costs etc.  Really very helpful.  The food was scrumptious.  Thanks.

As I said to you on Wednesday, I am really impressed and grateful to you for the attitude of "wholeness" that you are trying to create amongst the different groups of colon therapists.

I was asked several times during the conference "who I was with", as if people were trying to get me to join their gang!  I found it a bit disappointing that there is so much rivalry and politics in a service which is essentially about helping people to be better.  It is this lack of professionalism which has resulted in my not having joined any organisation as yet.  I would like to but I am not signing up to something I don't respect.

I am desperately limited by time, being a single mum running a business, but I would like to offer my support to you, though I am not sure how or what I can do, given my constraints. Please, please can you forward the information from the conference.  I found your talk the most interesting and this is the information that I want urgently.

I have so many new clients and I want to make the most of the knowledge I gained from you in encouraging them to have more treatments (if appropriate of course).

And thanks for finally putting to rest the bloody mucoid plaque crappy myth.  I have intuitively felt that this was rubbish all along but had nothing to back it up with.  I will set about changing my literature and website as soon as I can.   Fab fab fab. 

With love and gratitude, Katherine (colon therapist and naturopath)

Good Morning. Firstly Thank you and congratulations on a well run conference. Lynne and I appreciate the hard work that you and your team had generated which was evident in the organisation and structure of the conference which resulted in a very successful event. Thank you for the opportunity of promoting Practitioner Supplies.  Ian (colon therapist, supplier and colon therapy trainer)

Thank you both so much for the couple of days I had with you. The conference as you will keep hearing was brilliantly organised. I learnt an enormous amount..... Shirley (Colon therapist and trainer)

Hey guys!
What a fantastic day!!! Thank you again for organizing such a fabulous day. Hope you enjoyed your drink/ dinner afterwards. Edwige (colon therapist, open system)


Thank you So much Galina for a truly inspirational Conference!  

It was wonderful to be amongst so many people talking about their experiences and development of business with the same passion for achieving excellence, professionalism and wellbeing for our clients.  

The presentations were great, informative and again inspiring, stimulating  and thought provoking....the first of may successes to come!   Please thank Steve personally for bobbing off to collect my trolley, much appreciated during what for him has obviously been, without a doubt, a busy busy time.  

Sorry I didn't get to say goodbye, you were certainly in demand:-)!  

Look forward to seeing you soon,  

Best Wishes,


Hi there,

Would just like to say Thank you for a wonderful conference yesterday which me and my partner really enjoyed. Please could you download all the overhead slides for me or will they be available on the site to view? I'm also interested in joining your organization after yesterday do I download an application form and send ut back to you with the fee of £82.00 look forward to hearing from you kind Regards Andrea (colon therapist)

Dear all,


It was a real pleasure to meet some of you today and to catch up with those of you I had already met before. I am looking forward to adding more contact details in the coming days with the hope of creating a forum for Colon Hydrotherapists. There is a wealth of knowledge and experience that our profession can draw from.


I was really pleased about talks of unifying the various disparate bodies such as ARCH, G-Pact and RICTAT, the Guild etc. I hope that the next conference will present the results of this collaborative working giving us a stronger voice and position in the healthcare sector.


Best wishes,

Shemila (colon therapist)


Thank you so much for such a wonderful day! It really helped with strength and guidance in so many things. I am really looking forward to the next one already. Thanks Robyn (colon therapist)

You did a fantastic job today.  I found it very informative.  Thank you for inviting me. Yes I am seriously thinking about doing the training.  It does tie in with alot of things I am thinking about. Marti (aesthetic nurse).