RICTAT International Conferences
"Colon Hydrotherapy for the Modern World"

The Second RICTAT International Conference was held on the 1st & 2nd November, 2011.

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Archive: 2010 Conference Feedback - Read it here


Please read some of the feedback we have received about the 2011 Conference and Speakers.

Original feedback is of course available on request.


Jayney Goddard
Everything you needed to know about the ASA but were afraid to ask

  • “Thank you – Every practitioner, regardless of discipline needs to hear Jayney speak”
  • “As empowering as last year. Brilliant speaker – honoured to listen to her. Extremely insightful and helpful for growth and protection of your business & professional base”
  • “Brought to life what’s behind closed doors and how people are trying to bring us down”
  • “Amazing, eye opening info”
  • “Excellent, thank you for fighting. Will back your cause totally”
  • “Amazing, informative and totally valuable”
  • “More time for her next time”

Barry Kaighin
Disability Awareness for Colonic Hydrotherapists

  • "Getting Barry to headline the conference was a complete stroke of genius. He is a great example of someone who has succeeded despite the overwhelming odds and is a great lesson to all of us!”
  • “Made me think. Was the most thought-provoking speaker”
  • “Great to have a different view. Awesome and inspirational”
  • “Refreshing to have a unique service user, who is also a manufacturer”

Katalin Cziranku
Colon Hydrotherapy is a Scientifically Sound & Medically Valid Healing Modality

  • “Lots of historical value that needs to be injected into sceptical people of this generation”
  • “Interesting”
  • “Very passionate”
  • “Interesting presentation of history largely unknown”
  • “She went deep into the details. Great!”

Amy Sanders
Mainstream Medicine meets Colon Hydrotherapy: Making a Case for Closed System Colon Hydrotherapy

  • “Outstanding!”
  • “Good knowledge and good business ethic with doctors to get them on board”
  • “Interesting opportunities”
  • “Brilliant, will do in the future. Makes sense”
  • “Very interesting and informative, great ideas, interested in course”
  • “Particularly useful”

Amanda Hamilton
From Retreat to High Street - Colon Hydrotherapy Practices & High Street Detox

  • “Full of opportunities, showing that mothers can still be successful if they want to be”
  • “Very good presentation and selling a product”
  • “Interesting and possible business ideas”
  • “Very good! Looking for an honest approach is everything”
  • “Interesting, not specific to what I need but good to know”

Jill Swyers
Detoxification Retreats (Hippocrates-Style) – Foundations of Healing & Colon Hydrotherapy.

  • “Loved hearing about wheatgrass and alkaline foods. Excellent knowledge.”
  • “Good – would want to go into this deeper”
  • “Lots of information, lots of knowledge”
  • “Brilliant! Every colon therapist needs more information in this area”
  • “Well done & many thanks for the sprouts!” 

Shoela Detsios
The Knowledge Base – Thyroid, Fibroids, PCOS, Endometriosis, Hormonal Attunement and Colon Hydrotherapy

  • “Lot of knowledge to take in, excellent links to disease states”
  • “Interesting and useful”
  • “Excellent presentation, absolutely right for event”.
  • “Really interesting info for use in treatments”
  • “Made me want to sign up for course – excellent!”
  • “Very good, fantastic knowledge. Very good to know about all conditions and understanding the who, what, why, when and where”
  • “Knowledge is amazing. Would like to go into this deeper, courses?”
  • “Very, very, very professional. I’ve liked her”

Galina Imrie
Seven Years in Colon Hydrotherapy: The Log of Lessons Learned.

  • “Good delivery of info for future, interesting”
  • “We will miss you- Thank you for everything”
  •  “Inspirational, open and honest & very true to herself. An honour to meet”
  •  “Thank you so much for your support & teaching (and being a friend) Good luck with your new adventure”.
  •  “Thank you Galina”
  • "I thoroughly enjoyed your address - some wise words said. I would also like you to know that although it has been from afar for the last seven years you have been a complete inspiration to me and what you have achieved for colonic is unprecedented- well done."

Ian McDougall
Chairman’s Address

  • “Reassured of a continuous dedication to an existing product”
  • “Very good presentation, looking forward to next conference.”
  • “Good. Very positive outlook for the future of RICTAT. Would definitely like to have an opinion on CPD.”
  • “Looking forward to this – great to meet him”.
  • “Came across very well, good chair. Exciting times ahead”.
  • “Good luck, all associations must join to prove to the medical population and press that we do have high standards and are professional”.