Materials of the Third RICTAT International Conference
"Colon Hydrotherapy for the Modern World"

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The Fourth Rictat International Conference "Colon Hydrotherapy for the Modern World" will take place at Champneys Tring in Hertfordshire on the 11 th & 12th November, 2012.


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The Conference Materials from the RICTAT 2012 Conference are available below.

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RICTAT 2012 CONFERENCE Presentations & Materials



Monday 29th October, 2012

Optibac Probiotics - Probiotics In Practice

Teresa Doherty - The Truth about Proteins

Green Apple Training - Meating Your Protein Needs Leaflet

Lynne McDougall - IBS: Causes, Consequences & Management

Tracey Dell - Do you think you can do PR?

Kelly Hopley - Work-Life Balance



Tuesday 30th October, 2012

Alison Livings - Holistic Insurance Services

Galina Imrie - Cautions & Contraindications to Colon Hydrotherapy

Obsidian Retreat - Colon Hydrotherapy & Type 2 Diabetes

Greg Wimbourne - Homeopathy & Colon Hydrotherapy

Optibac Probiotics Team - Are all Probiotics born equal?

Shoela Detsios - Adrenal Fatique and the Digestive System

Rani Louise Don - The Laughter Therapy - is it for real?